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Enthea provides health insurance coverage for Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy (PAT). We believe that employer-purchased health plans are essential for providing access to this new treatment to the greatest number of people.Employer funding is the way the US healthcare system operates.

Enthea's Mission: Safe, affordable access to psychedelic healthcare for all who can benefit.

Ready to Launch

Enthea is poised to launch health plans for Ketamine-Assisted Therapy starting in January 2022.

Our initial customer is a recognized industry leader, based in California. They’ve already announced the new benefit to their employees and will be making a public announcement in January. 

According to their CEO, they are “excited to be the first company in history to offer health plan coverage for psychedelic healthcare for our employees and their families.”

The California launch will be followed by Texas, and then New York – where we also have initial customers and PAT providers waiting to come online.  

Upon assessment of these 3 pilots, Enthea will proceed with its nationwide rollout.  We are coordinating our state-by-state build-out with MAPS Waves 1, 2 & 3.  Our goal is 80% population coverage by Year End 2023.

We Need Your Help

We can’t launch without funding.  We need $2M to run these pilots and begin our nationwide rollout.

We are relying on the support of the people who want PAT to succeed – who believe in the power of this therapy, and who share our goal of equitable access to psychedelic healthcare.  

Enthea doesn’t need ongoing funding - We simply need to launch what we’ve already created.  

We are creating a self-sustaining business - As a third-party administrator of health insurance for companies who self-fund their benefit plans and we are poised to break even in 2024.  In 2025, Enthea is projected to generate earnings of $7M - which is earmarked for Patient Assistance Funds since we are a non-profit.  

Our company sits at the heart of the new psychedelic ecosystem – providing payment and other services that interconnect employers, providers and patients.  

Enthea has already built what we need to successfully operate our health plan services, including:

  • Medical policy – first-ever for ketamine-assisted therapy; advised by our expert panel

  • Authorization and reimbursement processes 

  • Provider credentialing & on-boarding  

  • Member services & education


We need  $2M now in order to launch and scale this psychedelic healthcare business. Donations are tax-deductible through our 501c3 affiliate, Access Enthea

Impact ROI

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Funders of psychedelic healthcare will be excited to see the ROI for funds used by Enthea.  Enthea health plans are projected to create $500M in employer funding of psychedelic treatments for their employees and their families (2024 + 2025). 

Double Your Impact

Enthea is poised to launch health plans for Ketamine-Assisted Therapy starting in January 2022.

Your tax-deductible gift to Access Enthea supports us in two ways.  


1. Access Enthea (501c3) loans the $2M to Enthea (501c4).  Enthea uses it to launch the non-profit company that will bring the $500M in employer-funded treatment

2. In 2025, Enthea repays the loan to Access Enthea, where it is then used for Patient Assistance Funds

Contact us to discuss different ways that you can contribute to our mission of access to psychedelic healthcare.