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Breakthrough Therapies for Mental Health in the Workplace

Enthea opens up the opportunity to cover Ketamine-Assisted Therapy as an employee benefit. We offer:

  • Proven treatment – Safe & effective
  • Enthea medical policy & standards of care
  • Easy add to current benefit plan

Psychedelic Medicine

Two thirds of employees report not receiving the mental health care they need - not because they don’t have access to mental health treatments, but because traditional approaches aren’t working. 

Psychedelic-assisted therapy (PAT) brings hope, as it allows patients to confront the root cause of their distress, leading to more profound and lasting relief. Ketamine is a legal and FDA approved medicine used in PAT nationwide. Clinical research shows dramatic improvements and reduction of mental health symptoms after just one ketamine therapy session.


Who We Are

Enthea, a third party administrator (TPA) of health insurance plans, and the only one offering psychedelic healthcare as a workplace benefit.

Through Enthea, employers can easily expand their mental health package to cover ketamine therapy, which is not covered by other insurance carriers. This leads to increased productivity, reduced absenteeism, higher retention, and lower medical expenses for employers.

ABOUT Enthea

How Enthea Works

Easily provide psychedelic healthcare to your employees.
Enthea is a turnkey third-party administrator that makes offering ketamine therapy a seamless experience for employers and employees alike.

Medical Policy & Standards of Care

Prioritizes safety & effectiveness
Advised by Expert Panel
First of its kind

Trusted Provider Network

Largest Network
Nationwide Trained

Support & Admin Services

Prior authorization
Utilization management
Quality oversight
Benefit Administration
Claims Processing
Member Education & Support

What Others Are Saying About Enthea

“Enthea––has rightly spotted the gaping hole in the psychedelic renaissance––access. They are pioneering insurance plans for these therapies so everyone in need can have a shot at mending trauma, depression, and addiction, regardless of cash-flow. So, medical insurance. Super duper not sexy, but potentially a game-changer in actual social impact beyond communities of privilege.”

— Jamie Wheal, Author

“This news made my day - a company has signed up to become what the provider is calling the first company to offer reimbursement for health insurance coverage of psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy to its employees and their families. Go check out Enthea, the first benefits plan administrator for psychedelic health care. Signs of the times!”

— Jane Metcalfe, Co-Founder of Wired

“Even though Ketamine-Assisted Therapy can have profound benefits, it often comes with a hefty price tag. I definitely would not have been able to afford this type of treatment for myself, so the fact that Dr. Bronner’s covered 100% of the treatment for me and my family was absolutely awesome!”

— Liz Kost, Packaging Production Specialist at Dr. Bronner's

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