Safe, affordable access to psychedelic healthcare
for all who can benefit.

We are on a mission to expedite health plan coverage for psychedelic-assisted therapy.



About Us

Enthea is a non-profit, benefit plan administrator that provides health plan benefit riders and single case agreement services for psychedelic healthcare.

Our trusted provider network includes certified and credentialed Ketamine-Assisted Therapy and Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy (PAT) practitioners.

As a non-profit, our structure is fully aligned with our purpose. We are receptive, regenerative, unique, and understanding. We believe the path to healing starts within each of us.



Mental Health in the US

1 in 5

Adults live with a mental illness

  • 18 million adults in have depression

  • 40 million adults have anxiety

  • 9 million adults have PTSD

  • There are over 130 suicides per day 

Sad Girl

Existing treatments only have a

success rate

of people don't receive treatment




Therapy Brings


At one ketamine clinic, between 75% and 80% of patients with depression felt better after ketamine-assisted therapy.

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 In an MDMA-assisted therapy study, 68% of people with PTSD no longer met the criteria for PTSD at a 12-month follow-up.

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Psilocybin-assisted therapy sessions with a smoking cessation study resulted in 80% successful abstinence compared to 10-20% with other interventions.


80% of patients with cancer and anxiety/depression symptoms reported increased well-being/life satisfaction in a study on psilocybin-assisted therapy. 

LSD, DMT and other psychedelics are also showing positive effects for people with addiction, trauma, and eating disorders when used as part of psychedelic-assisted therapy sessions.

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How We Are Doing It

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Building our Network of PAT Providers 


Creating PAT Benefit Plans for Early Adopter Employers


Accelerating the Adoption of Standards


Rebuilding Reimbursement 

Generating on-going funding for patient assistance fund

Who We Help

We have undertaken the mission of expediting health insurance coverage for psychedelic therapies.  We hold practitioner wellbeing and equitable access to psychedelic healthcare as central, guiding tenets to our mission and vision. Enthea will be on the cutting edge of providing access and affordability of PAT.  In so doing, we will pave the way for other companies to follow, putting infrastructure in place for them to leverage.  

For Providers

For Patients

For Employers


In the News

"Psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy could provide needed options for debilitating mental-health disorders including PTSD, major depressive disorder, alcohol use disorder, anorexia nervosa and more that kill thousands every year in the United States, and cost billions worldwide in lost productivity."

Nature Magazine

"The estimated total societal costs of veterans suffering from PTSD and major depression is $4 billion to $6 billion. MDMA doesn’t just ease the symptoms of PTSD; in the trials to date, MDMA-assisted psychotherapy has also been shown to eliminate the disorder in two-thirds of cases"

NY Times

"Within 5 years, I would predict that ketamine, MDMA & psilocybin are available....You’ll have these holistic treatment centers that will treat a whole variety of psychiatric illnesses, and therapists will have the ability to use what they think fits the clinical situation...This could radically change psychiatry."

Wall Street Journal

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