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Access to safe and affordable psychedelic therapy for everyone who can benefit.

Established in 2022, Enthea is a mental health company dedicated to providing access to safe and affordable psychedelic-assisted therapy, beginning with ketamine therapy. As a public benefit corporation, we are prioritizing the removal of health equity obstacles that impede people from receiving impactful mental healthcare services.

Today’s treatments are lacking

Most insurance carriers are not covering ketamine therapy, forcing those interested in this form of treatment to pay out of pocket or settle for less effective traditional approaches. This safe, legal, highly effective form of therapy is oftentimes out of reach for many unless they’re capable of paying the often steep out-of-pocket costs. 

Our mission is tackling those dual challenges of access and affordability by expediting health insurance coverage for psychedelic treatments.

Treatment Lacking
Simple, easy, and cost effective

Enthea is 100% compatible with existing benefit plans. Our approach to every partnership means employees get access to cutting-edge, highly effective mental health treatments to help them live happier, more productive lives without an added burden on companies’ HR or finance teams.

By layering a TPA like Enthea on top of existing healthcare plans, employers can add leading-edge, highly effective therapies like ketamine therapy to their offering for as little as $35 per employee per year.

Cost Effective
Enthea’s Mission
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We believe in access for all

This is more than just another kind of therapy. Enthea’s mission is to create a space for fair and equal access to this innovative treatment.

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We have practitioners providing the highest quality care

We have stringent standards of care from providers in our network. We’re continually monitoring the performance, safety, and effectiveness of providers by ensuring each is properly vetted, credentialed and authorized to provide this treatment type.

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We are in this for your employees

Our goal is to to make psychedelic healthcare safe and affordable to as many people as possible.

Costs rise, but people are feeling worse

At least 40% of U.S. adults have reported high levels of psychological distress since COVID-19 and data shows that 35-40% of patients don’t improve with traditional talk therapy while antidepressants only for about 15% of the people who take them.


of adults are suffering from a diagnosable mental health condition

Problem With Healthcare

of employees report not receiving the mental health care they need

We're Changing Mental Health

Enthea was founded by a team of industry experts who share a vision of access to safe and affordable psychedelic healthcare. Together, they are focused on effecting change to offer people the treatment they deserve.


Enthea is an innovative, unique startup that offers its employees a chance to make a difference. With a comprehensive benefits package and a platform to develop as a professional, we look after our employees - so they can help us make the mental healthcare system better.


Enthea is shaking up the mental healthcare industry. Naturally, that’s got some people talking about us.