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Breakthrough Therapies for Mental Health in the Workplace

Enthea partners with employers who want to do more to help their employeesstruggling with mental health
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Far too many employees struggle with mental health conditions – of their own or their loved ones – and too many of these are resistant to conventional therapies.

Treatment Resistant - Major Depressive Disorder
30% do not respond to SSRIs
40% do not respond to psychotherapy

Conditions like PTSD, Generalized Anxiety Disorder and Addiction also have high rates of treatment resistance.

Traditional mental health options are falling short for those struggling with some for many. Even those who are helped often face a lifetime of on-going medication (and its side effects) and/or therapy.

Ketamine Assisted Therapy

Shown to be effective with hard-to-treat patients
Proven safety record when appropriately supervised
This novel treatment offers a hybrid approach that uses ketamine to enhance the efficacy and outcomes of psychotherapy.  A typical course of treatment consists of 6 sessions of medicine,each followed by talk therapy.

Ketamine is effective here because it relaxes obsessive rumination and generates neuroplasticity, creating healthier brain patterns and lasting change.  KAT is especially well-suited for treatment-resistant patients.  And many of those currently on medication will be able to stop taking it

When treatment is delivered via Enthea Network Providers, who adhere to Enthea Standards of Care and Safety, KAT is shown to be very effective and extremely safe.

For more information, see KAT: How It Works
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KAT as an Ancillary Benefit

Enthea benefits deliver significant cost savings for employers, while helping their employees access life-changing care when they need it the most.
Working with Enthea, companies can easily add KAT as an ancillary benefit, similar to vision or dental.
Enthea offers turn-key service to expand your benefits to include these innovative treatment modalities, addressing a key gap in mental health strategies today
Benefit pays for itself

Pioneering Benefit Plans for Employee Mental Health

Better treatment options have emerged.  
Enthea enables employers to offer coverage.
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